Gameboy Advance AGS Ribbon Cable Adapter (32pin / 40 pin / \w switch)

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The original Gameboy Advance had the best form-factor of that generation. Unfortunately the following AGS-101 had the better backlit screen. How about combining the best of both worlds to build the ultimate AGB-101 ?

Here's what you get:

  • 1x 32 or 40 pin ribbon cable to connect an AGS-101 screen to AGB-001 board.


  • Pre-soldered Wire: for backlight current input.
  • Brightness Switch: allow backlight to be dimmed.


Not sure which ribbon to buy? Refer to this guide to know exactly which model to get for your use-case.

NOTE: Some of these ribbon do not come pre-isolated, tape will need to be added on the metallic parts during modding.