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If you've installed one of Natalie the Nerd's LED boards on your console to illuminate your buttons, and are looking for a little extra control, look no further. This small PCB can be installed in the battery compartment to give you control over the brightness of the LEDs. 


  • Less than 1cm x 1cm PCB for small, unobtrusive installation
  • Quick install with few solder points
  • Turn potentiometer with screwdriver to adjust LED brightness
  • Switch to quickly toggle between potentiometer brightness and full brightness
  • Fits within the battery compartment for easy access



        • 1 x LED Control Board


        • Colors may vary from what you see on your display
        • This product is designed for use with the LED boards from Natalie the Nerd, which are available for DMGGBA, GBC, and MGB.

        Customer Reviews

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        James Sheffield
        LED Control Board

        Could not get the control board to work. Soldered in correctly but switch and potentiometer do not actual do anything. Honestly just left it in the gameboy as I did not feel it worth the time to disassemble and return it.

        Hi James,

        Thank you for this review. We are sorry to hear about these issues.

        We would like to troubleshoot this situation with you, and send you either a replacement or a refund. Would you mind sending us an email at support@retromodding.com?

        Don't hesitate to contact us for any concerns.

        Leenard stayzee
        Works Great!!!

        Works great and exactly like it's supposed too. I'm very happy. Paired with green lights on a custom Zelda uv printed shell. Looks amazing.

        Natalie's products are awesome

        Top quality and really helps to turn down the brightness from her LED boards to save battery